Addressing overpopulation, the need of the hour?

We see a lot of problems around us everyday. A lot of them harming the environment. Some fatal, some sub lethal. We wake up everyday, go to our workplaces. On the way we take a bus. The bus is crowded. The reason? Overpopulation. While traveling in the bus the road is packed with traffic. Reason? Overpopulation. We reach out destination, we need to climb up many floors to reach our work cabins or classrooms as they’re built one upon the other to a great height. Reason? Overpopulation. Overpopulation is the reason for most disasters in the world. As the population keeps growing, the necessity to provide for all the people increases. Let’s take homes for an example. The population in a particular city increased exponentially and all the people need a home. So what happens is that, homes are not built on the ground but vertically one on top of another as there is a lack of enough place to build horizontally on the ground. This leads to the building of multi-story buildings which are built without much care and could collapse anytime. Building these also require a lot of resources by which the environment is harmed again. Let’s look at another example. Garbage disposal is something that needs serious attention. People consume goods and dispose what’s not required of them. A person who eats outside on road or while in a bus, usually discards the wrappers on the road through the window. How can we curb this? If we keep monitoring we could stop it. But with so many people living here, how many people could a few volunteers keep a tab on? Maybe a few. The law and order can never be exercised to its fullest potential with such a huge population living in a city. A city should have a limit for the number of people coming in. Many people from all over the world come into the city for a particular purpose but stay there forever. It’s not something wrong but if only the cities keep getting populated and if the so called development is only concentrated in the cities, how can our country be called a developed nation? China did of course impose the one child policy but that would be unwelcome in India, for various ethical reasons and traditional beliefs. So does this problem really have a solution or will it ever have a solution? As for me I think overpopulation is the result of over copulation by our forefathers which cannot be undone.


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